07 Apr 2019

The Stories Of Kingdom Growth [Matthew 13:31-33]


"Dream Big, Start Small, Build Deep. " These are words you may have heard before.  Jesus taught in the Parables of the Mustard Seed and of the Leaven that God's Kingdom grows in a stunning, silent and significant way.  "Dream Big, Start Small, Build Deep" are wise practices that flow from principles Jesus taught in these two parables.  Let us then encouraged that serving God is never in vain. We are on the winning side! Jesus will build His church. Let us not be afraid to start small, and be pressured to immediately produce spectacular or dramatic achievements. Let us also patiently go deep into the lives of people we serve. One day, we will all see that mustard seed ministries will blossom into glorious praise to God. To find out more, check out the sermon here.


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