12 May 2019

Their Heart Is Far From Me [Matthew 15:1-9]


RC Sproul said, "It is the pleasing of God that is at the heart of worship. " Worship is not mere external rituals or ceremonies. Worship is about pleasing God. And pleasing God is about obedience. So, the heart of worship is a commitment to grace-motivated, gospel-centred obedience to God's Word. The scribes and pharisees were hypocrites when they sought to circumvent God's Word using their own man-made traditions. They looked pious by offering their "corban" to God, but really, as Jesus said, their heart was far from God. This sermon brings you to an in-depth look at the role of traditions, the heart of worship and the need for a new heart that truly seeks to please God. Discover these spiritual truths in God's word for yourself!


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