31 Mar 2024

Truly This Was The Son of God [Matthew 27:45-56]


The resurrection of Jesus Christ was the confirmation from God that Jesus successfully paid for our sins, and defeated death through His death. So how did Jesus die? And what did His death accomplish? 1. Painful Death. He suffered immeasurably- at the hands of man and most of all, at the hands of God the Father. His greatest agony was being forsaken by the Father at the cross. 2. Powerful Death. He did not die in a whimper. God attended to His death with 2 powerful and supernatural phenomena- the tearing of the temple veil and the resurrection of saints with the breaking of the tombs. God is saying, "Pay attention!"3. Purposeful Death. Jesus' death opened a Path of Reconciliation, and offered the Promise of Resurrection. So, we see His forsakenness leads us to forgiveness. He alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life. In Him, we can be given eternal life. This message is a message of hope for both seekers and believers.

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