Siew Lin


Siew Lin:

Before I came to Christ, I was an agnostic but I respected that there may be a God who exists. My family was not religious, and I felt that I was a good person, being kind and treating others well was a sufficient standard to live by. I was invited to a youth outreach cafe in Gospel Light Christian Church in 2008. In a chat I had with a youth from the ministry, I realized that the Bible taught that hating and lying to others was considered sinful. I was shocked by this teaching as I began to understand the extent of sin in my life. That day I also came to realize that Jesus was a historical figure, and this made me want to find out more about Christianity. I was overwhelmed by the good news of the gospel but scared about having a new identity in Jesus.

Through the years of journeying and seeking God, I came to despair of my sins as I was helplessly fearful of human disapproval, of death and of failure. I am not certain when I was saved, but a turning point was when I surrendered myself to God at a Youth Camp in 2013. Since then, it’s been a liberating albeit painful process of believing and growing in the Lord, dying to self, loving others and fighting for joy in Christ. But in all my struggles, God has given me His peace that surpasses understanding, and assured me of His sovereignty. He has changed me from a person filled with many fears to become more courageous and selfless. I’m still growing as a believer, but I thank God I can face life with His Spirit in me, transforming me to be more like His Son.