Devotions with Pastor Jason Lim

A parent’s love is unconditional, and many of us have experienced that kind of love in our families. Unconditional love creates an environment of security and comfort for a child. It is an environment in which a child can be comforted to know that even when being disciplined, their parents don’t love them any less.

Likewise, our heavenly Father wants us to be secure in His love. He doesn’t want his children to be struggling with fear and uncertainty. He wants you to know that your relationship with Him is built upon a divine love for sinners. In Romans 5:6, Paul says, “For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.” This verse shows us that God’s love is proven by Him sending His beloved Son to the cross. This evidence of love is not based on a cheap claim of love, it’s founded on an objective reality. The reality that God did not spare his only Son from the cross, for our sake.

The love of our heavenly Father is amazing because it is perfectly unconditional. He chose to love us, though we are wicked, wayward and at war with Him. He loved us when there was nothing lovely about us. He loved us not because there was anything in us but because of everything that is in Him. His love was independent of our love for Him or our loveliness because He loved us when we were still sinners. 

If there should be any doubt in our hearts of the Father’s love, then come behold the rugged cross. Where the greatest gift was given in the greatest love, for the least deserving.