Madam Wong Cai Ying


Madam Wong Cai Ying:

I am 86 years old this year. My husband passed away 3 years ago after a short illness. I was an idol worshiper and prayed to different gods in the house like most ancestor worshipers do. Sometime in 2016/17 I had a fall in the toilet and sustained a back injury. My health started to deteriorate and I became wheelchair bound in mid-2017. 

I came to St Luke Elder Care centre in early 2018 and enjoyed the environment and various activities. Especially on the day when Gospel Light came to befriend us and tell us Bible stories and led us in singing and other activities. From the stories and songs, I come to know Jesus. His work on the cross, His love, His compassion for lost souls. From then I began to realize my need for salvation from the wrath of God and the wages of sin. 

I told my son I realized the meaning of (大误大典) ‘Da Wu Da Dian’ or in Cantonese ‘Tai Emm Tai Tim’. Which literally means to me as “big errors, big mistakes” in life and needs “big correction, big salvation”. My heart told me that I had done “big mistakes” in life, that I need “Tai Tim” to be righteous again. And Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

So during the Gospel Light Christmas event, I formally accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. I thank God for Brother Trevor who led me in the sinner’s prayer and Brother Toh who explained the assurance of salvation.

I want to thank the Gospel Light team for visiting St Luke Elder Care regularly to share the gospel and conduct community activities. It’s through their faithful service that I am able to testify that the Holy Spirit convicted me that I was a sinner, a big one indeed. 

I want to thank my eldest daughter, Swee Lin, for sending to me St Luke elder care for my wellbeing. If she didn’t, I would have missed the gospel and the opportunity to know Jesus and to receive God’s salvation.