Yu Jin


Yu Jin

Growing up my family regularly brought me on temple visits. I was exposed to the various rituals and often found these ceremonies creepy. My memories of those moments were of fear.

I didn’t start praying to Jesus till I sat for my polytechnic examinations. I would often pray to both Jesus and Chinese deities just to pass my examinations. I was fortunate enough to clear all my tertiary examinations without a hitch. I only discovered years later after my graduation that this was all the Lord’s blessing.

When I started dating a Christian, she encouraged me to attend church services with her and small group sessions. We eventually got married in Wesley Methodist Church in 2006. But I wasn’t ready to be a Christian at that point yet.

I faced several crises in my life. Each time I would pray very hard and desperately for God to help me overcome them. I would challenge Him that if my prayers were answered I would “do something in return”. I was glad to have lost every challenge to Him over the years. It was during an Alpha course that I eventually came to Christ. I came to realise Jesus was real. He has been faithfully working in all my years of prayer.

I’m already a year late in honouring my promise to the Lord to be baptized. But I hope that as I do so, I will experience renewal in my Christian life. I want to be a better person as I follow in His words.