The Beautiful Book – Isaiah


The goal of reading this prophetic book is not to see so much what the Jews should go through, but who God is. Through prophets like Isaiah, we can see that Yahweh brings judgement and He also brings comfort.


The book of Isaiah highlights that Yahweh is both just and merciful. The problem of sin is addressed and God’s judgement is upon His people. From Isaiah’s prophecies we understand that our wonderful God sees the future in minute details and He is the infinite God.


Here we see we see Isaiah’s vison of God in His temple. He had to witness the holiness and glory of God, and he had to learn that God of heavens, who is high and glorious, lives in us through the Holy Spirit.


In the last few chapters we see that we can’t be saved by works but only through Jesus can we mend our broken relationship with the almighty Father; nothing pleases our God like one who is humble and of a contrite spirit and trembles at His word.


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