18 Jun 2023

Father’s Day Discourse [Ephesians 5:20-6:4]


The family is the basic building block of society. Man has been appointed to be the head of the family. If the head of the family is compromised, the family is affected, and the human race is destroyed. Looking at the condition of the world today, Satan has obviously done a good job in attacking the headship of fathers in the family.  Though wives desire their husbands to lead the family, they often sabotage their headship by unknowingly demeaning their husbands by their comments and by their insubmission. So many fathers are discouraged and abdicate their headship roles.  Many fathers also fail to do their fathering role by provoking their children with harsh, critical, unreasonable comments and failing to set good Christ-like examples to their children.  Just remember these simple principles. 1. Be thankful for your family. 2. Look for opportunities to serve one another. 3. Wives submit to your husbands. 4. Husbands love your wives. 5. Children obey your parents. 6. Fathers disciple your children.