14 Apr 2024

Responses to Leviticus [Lamentations 1:12-13]


The book of Leviticus is filled with Costly Sacrifices, Clean Living and Constant Awe. 1. Costly Sacrifices - the sacrificial animals were first bled, then skinned, then chopped into pieces, then thrown into the endless flame of fire on the Altar to be completely consumed by the fire. This was a type of Christ’s bloody death at the hands of Jews and Romans (Isaiah 52:14)  AND unimaginable sufferings at the Hand of God the Father (Lam. 1:12,13). 2. Clean Living - the Israelites were given many rules/laws so that they could lead a clean life that differentiated them from the peoples around them. These laws were given in a seemingly haphazard manner (ie, sacred and secular laws alongside each other) suggesting that there should be no division between the sacred and the secular in our lives. 3. Constant Awe - the pillar of cloud/fire was an awesome picture of the constant powerful presence of God (who lived in their midst).  Our Responses. As Christians, do we offer costly service instead of convenient, casual and comfortable “service”? Do we strive for Clean living so that our lives “shine before men” and open the door for us to lead men to eternal life? Are we living in constant awe and awareness of God’s presence and power? May this sermon encourage us to confidently serve God and sacrificially serve men. (Mat. 28: 18-20)