12 Nov 2023

Gospel Light Shine! [Colossians 4:5-6]


The 1 thing we can't do in heaven, that we can do here, is to witness the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world in sin. God has left His church on earth so that His gospel light can shine through us. So how can we do it? 3 things to note. 1. Gospel-centred Lives. Our witness often begins with our walk. Godliness is the great apologetic for the gospel. Thus, Paul says, "walk in wisdom", that is to say, "walk in a Christ-centred or gospel-centred way, where the gospel is pressed hard into and out of our lives. " 2. Grabbing in Love. Christian witness requires an intentional and proactive mindset, to be ever ready to seize opportunities to share the gospel. Paul says we are to redeem or buy back the opportunities to evangelise, and not let them slip by. 3. Gracious with our Lips. We need to answer each man with winsome speech. Gospel witness is sensitive to the needs of others, and is kind and gentle in delivery. As we fulfill Col 4:5,6, we will effectively let the gospel light shine! Find out more in the sermon here!