20 Nov 2022

GLCC Missions


Gospel Light’s vision is to be an ‘Acts Church For Today’, a church that proclaims the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and keeps multiplying. We also want to fulfil our mission of leading others into a life-changing relationship with Jesus through discipling new believers. THE GREAT COMMISSION given by Jesus in Mat. 28:18-20 should really be called the GREAT COMMANDMENT. This therefore requires GLCC to be a MISSIONAL CHURCH not merely a MISSIONARY-SENDING CHURCH. A missional church is a church where everyone is on a mission to make disciples. A missionary-sending church is a church that is merely sending out missionaries. TRADITIONAL Missions emphasize the following: 1. TRAIN a believer to be a missionary by teaching missionary METHODS. 2. SEND the missionary to PLANT a CHURCH/MINISTRY. 3. SUPPORT the missionary (or other missionaries/ministries) financially. 4. SUPERVISE the missionary/church/ministry. 5. Send “MISSION TEAMS” to VISIT the missionary. This traditional model of Missions after 2000 years has resulted in possibly less than 1% of the world knowing the Gospel. But as we come to the end of time, God has made the way for us to proclaim the gospel to the whole world. “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. ” -Mat. 24:14. End-time Missions can be Scalable, Transferable, Global through the global coverage of Internet & widespread use of the smart-phone. We are so privileged to be possibly the LAST-LAP runners in the 2000-year “relay” to bring the Gospel to the whole world. Let us be the true Gospel Light Church and bring the GOSPEL LIGHT to everyone! This life and death mission must be our Mission. This is the only mission worth living and dying for.