17 Jun 2018

Gospel Light Christian Church Is…
  • Topic: CHURCH CULTURE, CHURCH MISSION, Missional Church, The Gospel


Gospel Light Christian Church has been blessed with many newcomers since moving to Punggol in Dec 2016.  Many have come because we are conveniently situated. Therefore, it is good for them to have a better idea of what type of church we really are, so they can decide to join as committed members or look for another church. Gospel Light is an Independent Bible Church. A Bible Church is one that believes that the Bible is God's Word and is therefore our supreme and final authority in all matters of faith and life. While other Churches may also claim to believe the Bible is God's Word, they often have other sources of authority (e. g. an "infallible" leader, traditions, experiences, dreams) that ultimately are their "authority. " While we are proud to be a Bible Church, we have to be careful that we do not focus so much on teaching the Bible that we forget that the purpose of all teaching is to produce Christ-like believers who glorify God is their lives and proclaim the Gospel Light!


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