16 Jun 2021

Ordination: A Time of Joy, Envy & Fear


Ordination- a time of joy, envy and fear! JOY -1. To see that God has taught GLCC to disciple another generation to be its pastor. 2. To be given the privilege to produce many spiritual children through the simple but powerful evangelism/discipleship process. ENVY -1. To serve God in a very unique time in history when the last victory lap of the “Gospel relay race” will be run. 2. To be provided with a super-spreader evangelistic tool (the smart-phone), a internet-ready generation and people made receptive by a pandemic. FEAR -1. To be seduced by good ministries that (a) maximize the use of an expensive building, (b) continue the traditions of the church, (c) respect the feelings of important men, and (d) increase the numbers of members & programs; rather than 2. Grab the unprecedented possibilities of the “last-lap” to complete our Lord’s Great Commission worldwide!