06 Sep 2020

Today’s UNrecognizable Church


If Jesus Christ visited Gospel Light Christian Church on a typical pre-COVID-19 Sunday, he will have a difficult time recognizing it as his church! Today’s church (with its emphasis on Sanctuary, Sunday, Service & Sacraments) is very different from the churches in the Bible. GLCC aims to be an Acts Church for today with people centered on the Savior, filled with the Spirit, rooted in scripture, faithful in supplication, genuine in sacrifice, effective in soul-winning and joyful in suffering, not a mere Sunday gathering in a beautiful Sanctuary enjoying a well-run Service and partaking of the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Thank God for the disruption caused by COVID-19 that will help us to re-look, reboot and rebuild an Acts church for today!


Sermon Transcript

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